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Long time no update? Something like that. It'll happen, I suppose. Nothing much to say, except that Paul McCartney kicks my ass. Halftime show was amazing. It's 5AM, and since I went to sleep at, like, 7:30, I'm completely awake already. I need to go take a shower. Adios.

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So, I'm going with, "screw the friends only thing, I update, like, never."

Things have been pretty lame. Speech Fiesta has come and gone. AP has come and gone...and come again. Yay.

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Oh! and new story.

Alex told me today that sometimes I just piss him off. And that I'm pretentious and mean. And he was this [ ] close to calling me a poseur. And I was this close to jumping out of my seat and kicking him. Seriously, I was getting mad.

No one messes with my shoes and gets away with it.


he's seriously a jerk sometimes. He plays mind games to get in your head and then fuck with it. DAMN.

I love emailing random Beatles lyrics to people.

can I inquire discreetly?

Tonight the headphones will deliver the words I cannot say
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I love cool people.

Travis is seriously the coolest kid ever.

I want his shoes; I told him I'd buy them from him. They're a plaid hightop Converse, and they're gorgeous.

He thinks I'm the coolest person ever? He told my brother this in their fourth block class. Yay. He's also in love with the music he copied from me. Especially Tears for Fears and The Libertines. Right on. If he likes those, he has an excellent taste in music.

I fell on my ass today at work. I was standing, leaning on the counter. Apparently the floor was wet (which is true...the dishwasher plops around not caring if she gets water all over the place), and I just fell, my hands and butt catching me. If hurt. I also hit my head on the side of the counter, so I have a slight headache, and my spine feels compressed by about two inches. That sucks.

Adam Renner is my new debate partner. He's in Justin's grade...it should work out well, as long as he doesn't act like a fucktard.

I was in such a pissy mood tonight. I seriously hope I didn't offend anyone, I was just tired and unmotivated.
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I was looking in my userinfo and realized that quite a few people I cut a long time ago probably still try and read my journal--so, if you notice that you're not listed as my friend, caould you take me off your friend's list as well?

(don't get your panties in a bunch if you've been able to read my most recent locked entries which is almost everyone)


I've felt extremely sigh-ish today.

I haven't been home in 13.5 hours. It's been a grand time, I hardly mind the hiatus from my stupid brothers. We were dismissed from third and fourth blocks for a music contest in Milbank. The ride was insanely fun, I have to say. We listened to music from my computer, and about 12 of us sang Bohemian Rhapsody like mad, really loud and out of tune. Think Wayne's World, but cooooooler. Headbanging and all. I wish I could describe it! Overall, the contest was a waste of time as we were the only AA school there, but I didn't have to go to math. If only I had gotten out for Genetics.

After school, I sat in Mr. Thomas' room while he helped D with her AP German stuff. She has the AP test tomorrow. Hah. I can't even fit AP Spanish into my schedule next year. I'm amazingly upset.

We went to Arby's for dinner, and I had like, two chicken strips.

Then, we come to her house (where I am now). We played DDR quite a lot, and now we're just lounging. I should probably get home soon. There, I plan on eating something quickly and getting online some more. I'm so productive.

I have a genetics project due in a week and a half that I really, really should get started on. It's a large portion of our grade.

Quick. Comment and tell me some great titles to check out. I can tell summer's drawing near. I'm choosing fiction over any and all schoolwork.

I'm going to wait until my parents call to go home. Now, I will Dance Dance the night away.

I bid thee adieu.
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Tonight was definatly fun.

So, Ashley called at about 12:20, and said that they were just leaving Tommy's house and going to Ewald's. She told me to meet them there in fifteen, so I did. We watched TV for a bit, ate a little bit, and I helped Ashley take the immense number of bobbypins out of her hair. After more of watching poker on Tv and listening to Tommy talk about "humping," Tommy, Petee and I left so that Ashley and Mike could "sleep." Riiiiight. Actually, just Petee and Tom were going to go, and I didn't think it would be fun to watch them snuggle, so I asked if I could go along.

In the car, Tommy talked about getting a piece. It was immensely funny, because it is Tommy. He was like "Renee, are you going to get a piece tonight?" And I was like "Tommy, this is Me. No one wants to GIVE a piece." Then he went on to tell me how to get a piece. The whole time, Tom was driving us to Mike Hind's house for the party, which was cool. He drives really fast, and we almost went from the gravel road into the ditch a couple times. We finally got there.

As we were walking around the house, Tommy said, "Renee, we're not leaving this party until we both get a piece." I responded, "Tommy, I never said I wanted a piece. Where did you get that idea?" "Oh, well I guess I was putting words in your mouth." After much walking around, we went into the party.

There were lots of cars, but I think the people were all in the kitchen. THere could have been any number of people in the vast house. So we went downstairs. I was impressed by the psychadelic nature of the black light, yet I think Tommy was distraught by the fine selsction of Unhumpable people.

Soon, they busted out the Dance Dance. I played a couple games, easy at first, with A-Rob and Krause and Andy. Then I accidently hit a really hard level, and I realized it was physically impossible. My last game, though, I played with Ashley and I rocked it. Totally cleaned house. I was actually the best at the place. After that, Tommy, Petee and I left. We talked about how the party was stinky, except that I got to play some DDR. Tom was like "Renee, you were pretty good at that! You should stick with it and go pro..." Except that I wasn't even beginning to scratch the surface of good. We'll let Tommy think well of me, though, if you don't mind. Also, There was talk of them going to Strandell's house in the car.

Tommy asked if I wanted to come, but I declined. Apparently there was lots of "fun" to be had. Not that I'm condemning this fun, but if I decided to partake, it would risk being caught and jeopardizing Nationals. I couldn't do that to Ashley.

Tom dropped me off at Ewald's and without going in, I left, thinking about the night. *sigh*

Now I am home, and pretty damned tired. I think I'm going to check my email and go to bed.

Oh yeah, so I told Ashley and Tom and Ewald and Petee about my regret, and Ashley and Tom (to my surprise) did wonders to build my ego. Twas nice.

If you had prom tonight, I hope it was a blast. I'll be going next year, mark my words.

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu.
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